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The agricultural landscape is the result of a long process of domestication of nature. On the one hand, there is precisely nature, with the modeling of the land, the soil, the water, the sun exposure, the microclimate. On the other hand, there is the work of the farmer, with his techniques and his production tools, the types of crops, but also his farmhouse, the network of roads and paths to access the funds and the rest of the territory, the irrigation network. This relationship between man and nature, in its "ancient" balance, is a resource to be preserved to guarantee our future.

Giuseppe: " My father Aldo collaborated with my grandfather, and with him, already at the age of 13 I was preparing to learn the difficult job of the oil mill, unfortunately picking up the baton in 1991.

It had been a long time since I did a bit of everything in first person but my father's charismatic beacon continued to show me a path handed down made of traditions, wisdom, experience, sacrifices, to the rhythm of time and seasons, to the in front of the centuries-old olive tree that every year is always different like that old proverb that says (... olive trees make people talk and keep quiet ....)

In 1992 it was a continuous cycle system installed: the new crusher is completely in stainless steel; this, in addition to the continuous cleaning, allows to avoid that the residues of different batches ("treated" olives, hit by the fly, rotten, fermented) leave residues in the baskets and deteriorate the subsequent oil. In this way it was possible to guarantee the function of public oil mill with the quality and purity of the oil.

The oil is always extracted cold or more precisely below the 27 degrees required by law: the temperature is always controlled and predetermined according to the characteristics of the olives.

My basic production is oil, of course, even if in the 80s I began to transform the various vegetables we produced, creating about fifty products in almost 30 years. All while maintaining a size equivalent to my production potential.
My products are all from organic farming certified by Ecogruppo Italia, not only that, they are the only Italian company that has products numbered progressively one by one, the only way to guarantee the consumer a total traceability and security of real numbers.

My products are sold directly in the company (the best way for the consumer!) They are shipped by courier or delivered to your home when I am passing through the buyers' areas.
They are supplied to some GAS and to unincorporated groups, they are sold in specialized organic shops, but in a limited way, they are present in various Naturasì stores.

Balestrino has 14 olive cultivars all present in my land:
Curumbaira, urivotto, carparina, red, tempurie, merlina, peulina, sanperu, pignora, Spanish, frantoiana , leccino, taggiasca, murtegna.

In total I am cultivating and managing, including the lands of family members, 1500 plants, but there are still some not cultivated that I would like to reactivate with the collaboration of the consumers themselves also for the protection of the territory.

A group of people collaborate with me in the harvesting phase, helping each other to optimize the harvesting methodology and then with the heavier task I grind the olives on the same day of harvest to produce the oil in the more optimal conditions. The service is also extended to other small producers who apply our strict production parameters. "

The Lotus oil mill is owned by the Azienda Agricola Ronco Giuseppe.

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