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As in all things, we have dedicated a lot of care and time to choosing our Partners to whom we can entrust the goods of our Customers; we believe that it is not enough to have high quality products but it is also necessary to offer the best delivery service. When you buy valuable goods, you also take care of taking them home.

We are always looking for innovative solutions and proposals to improve our services.


Delivery and collection methods

Upon confirmation of the cart, you can choose two shipping methods: home delivery or collection at a point (point, shop, newsagent, etc.) chosen by the customer.

Home delivery

Pick up at the point (during activation)

At the moment, home delivery cannot be booked at a pre-established time: delivery times may vary depending on the courier; in cases of particular need it is possible to indicate in the notes the best period (morning or afternoon) even if Bio-Natural cannot guarantee the feasibility we have seen that, often, the couriers are good and are able to fulfill the customer's requests, some do their utmost very much and we take this opportunity to thank them from our heart. Depending on the courier, the customer's telephone number is also indicated on the label, which can only be used, in case of need to facilitate delivery. Warning: be wary of any calls with proposals for additional purchases and deliveries with cash on delivery, especially after the package has already left.
This type of service is particularly suitable for those who are not often at home or do not have flexible hours: the goods purchased are sent to the collection point which will keep them carefully until you pick them up. When the goods are available for collection, a communication will be sent. When confirming the cart by selecting this shipping method, it is possible to identify the pick-up point closest to your home, generally they are shops, newsagents with the usual opening hours; an assessment is also available to identify the most reliable pick-up points. At the time of collection, the operator of the point will ask for the collection code received via email and an identification document. Especially in the case of food products, we recommend that you collect the goods as soon as possible, especially in winter and summer, as we have no information on the conditions of the place where your goods are parked.

We invite everyone to read the page with some very useful tips to understand how to behave in the event of anomalies. (go to page)

Sistemi di Imballaggio

All packages are sealed with tape bearing the logo and the wording The bottles are always prepared with new and certified standard packaging which can contain 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 bottles of various sizes. Thanks to this type of packaging, which unfortunately affects a little on shipping costs, we had a small case of accidents that we promptly resolved upon customer notification. The other goods, from preserves to cosmetics, due to the variety of sizes and the type of container, we do not have standard packaging, the dimensions of the boxes may be different and different in color, white for the smallest and havana for the largest. The products inside are stabilized with low specific weight material and suitable for safe packaging. Shipments destined for air transport are packaged with further care by inserting thermal insulating material in the box especially in the case of food products.