Chilli and garlic dressing in Italian extra virgin olive oil


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    Condiment with Chilli and Garlic in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml - Ghiglione

    Seasoning obtained by infusing hot peppers in EVO oil. No synthetic artificial flavor.

    Without milk, without gluten, without allergens and GMOs

    :: - use - ::

    Recommended for spaghetti dressing, for soups and grilled meat, to season the bruschetta, salad and pizza.


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    Chilli and Garlic Seasoning in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml - Ghiglione

    Condiment obtained exclusively by infusing hot chilli peppers and rosemary sprigs in extra virgin olive oil. Golden yellow oil with reddish reflections with the scent of spices gives particular vitality to foods, it is poured directly onto dishes and as a raw seasoning.

    Suitable for the classic traditional Italian dish (spaghetti, garlic, oil and chilli) it also goes well with red, grilled meats, boiled potatoes, cooked vegetables and many other dishes.

    Produced in Dolcedo, Imperia.


    ::- ingredients -::

    85% extra virgin olive oil, hot chilli peppers, rosemary sprigs, spices, wine vinegar, citric acid.


    ::- conservation -::

    Store in a cool, dry place away from light and heat sources. Close the package after use.


    Data sheet

    Warnings ::
    If there is a need for precise values, please contact Bio-Natural consultants.
    The actual values, relating to the product purchased, depend on the production batch and may be subject to significant variations.
    The information listed is taken from the product technical data sheets and is qualitative.
    Ingredients ::
    Chili pepper
    extra virgin olive oil
    Package ::
    Glass Bottle
    Quantity ::
    250 ml
    Origin ::
    100% Italy
    Manufacturing Process ::
    By infusion Exclusively
    Energy [Kcal] ::
    Proteins [g] ::
    Not Present
    Fatty [g] ::
    Saturated Fatty Acids [g] ::
    Cholesterol [mg] ::
    Not present
    carbohydrates [g] ::
    Not Present
    Sugar [g] ::
    Not present
    Sodium [mg] ::
    Not present
    Gluten ::
    Eggs and products made from them ::
    Milk and products made from them ::

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