Organic dried tomatoes in organic extra virgin olive oil 180 gr - Ghiglione


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    Organic Dried Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 180 gr - Ghiglione

    Organic dried tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil of 100% Italian origin, without O.G.M., without gluten, without milk and derivatives.


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    Organic Dried Tomatoes in extra-virgin olive oil 180 gr - Ghiglione

    Tomato is an excellent ally for health because it contains few calories, is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and lycopene. "Lycopene" is the only red carotenoid that has anticancer and anti-aging properties (it protects the body's cells from the harmful action of free radicals), it also plays an important role in the health of the heart and blood vessels because it slows down the action of LDL cholesterol responsible for the thickening of the arterial walls and the formation of plaques (it helps to keep blood pressure at acceptable levels, preventing strokes and heart attacks).

    The 100% organic tomatoes, dried and preserved in organic extra virgin olive oil keep all these important characteristics unaltered because in the drying process the excessive amount of water is eliminated and the exceptional taste and extraordinary organoleptic properties are kept unaltered. .

    Ideal as an appetizer or as an accompaniment to sauces and fish dishes.

    After opening the jar, keep the product covered with oil and store in the fridge.

    :: - ingredients - ::

    Organic dried tomatoes (50%), organic extra virgin olive oil (48%), sea salt.


    Data sheet

    :: FORMAT ::
    Package ::
    Vasetto in vetro
    Quantity ::
    180 gr
    Contains ::
    Pomodori secchi bio (50%), olio extra vergine di olivabiologico (48%), sale marino.
    Origin ::
    100% Italy
    :: ALLERGENS ::
    value / presence
    Gluten ::
    Eggs and products made from them ::
    Milk and products made from them ::
    Allergens ::
    senza allergeni

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