Fillet tuna into olive oil 300 gr and 540 gr - Ghiglione

    Fillet TUNA in olive oil - yellow fin

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    Fillets of Tuna in oil 100% Italian species yellow fin 300 gr and 540 gr - Ghiglione

    Tuna species yellow steamed fin, dried under vacuum and possessed by hand in olive oil 100% Italian, not O.G.M., gluten-free, milk and derivatives, without allergens.


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    Tuna fillets in oil 100% Italian species yellow fin 300 - 540 gr - Ghiglione

    Tuna Albacares (better known as yellow fin tuna) is characterized by the almost total absence of saturated fats if not those derived from oil; on the other hand, a good percentage of unsaturated fats, predominantly omega-3, is present. The tuna meat also contains proteins, potassium, selenium, vitamin B12, niacin and phosphorus and is a food with a very low glycemic index (IG = 0). Moreover, tuna does not contain carbohydrates (sugars) and, if consumed with other foods containing iron, contributes to the absorption of the iron itself.

    It is a fresh and light appetizer, where you can taste all the taste of the sea, the Tuna fillets can also be used as a condiment for pasta or for a quick dinner accompanied by a good salad.

    Store at room temperature covered with oil.


    :: - ingredients - ::

    Yellowfin tuna, 100% Italian olive oil, salt.


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    Package ::
    Vasetto in vetro
    Quantity ::
    300 gr
    500 gr
    Origin ::
    100% Italy
    Variety ::
    Tuna - Yellow fin
    Production Area ::
    Made in Italy
    Energy [Kcal] ::
    Proteins [g] ::
    Saturated Fatty Acids [g] ::
    Gluten ::

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