The "Italian Food" catalog of Bio-Natural aims to be an exclusive showcase of special and high quality products created by small-sized companies with a predominantly craft character or little more that still maintain the characteristics of a family business and located in a specific area .

Selection of Italian products

The selection of available products is particular and is based on simple rules consistent with our philosophy of daily well-being, they are:

  1. 1. Food produced in Italy by Italian producers;
  2. 2. Mechanical production processes;
  3. 3. To favor raw materials coming from Italian crops;
  4. 4. Limitation of additives and flavorings of chemical origin;
  5. 5. Absence of improving additives that alter appearance, taste, density, etc. and those characteristic properties of the various products;
  6. 6. Attention to the environment;
  7. 7. Products that we consume before and we would also recommend to our children and friends.

Moreover, even if it is not a rule but that we have always found in the producers we have known, the Passion for their own productions, the continuous search for improvement and the promotion of the differentiation of species and productions.

Availability of Italian products

The availability of the products are sometimes exhausted because the producers have finished the raw material they grow for example and do not buy any more on the market; this situation that can create a little 'of discomfort, especially for how we are used to today to find everything immediately, but thinking about it means guarantee that you always have fresh and recently produced products.

Shipping Italian Products

Products are shipped with high quality packaging; sometimes we reuse the manufacturers' boxes (ex: 4 bottles shipping) but always with the maximum safety. All packages use adhesive tape with the Bio-Natural print.
Indicatively the shipments take 24 or 48 hours for Italy according to the destinations, for Europe they range from 2 to 4; for our care, in order to guarantee maximum care, in the summer months and too hot periods we prefer to avoid shipping on Friday and sometimes on Thursday as they would remain delivered to the courier for the weekend. At the Customer's request we always ship in the minimum technical times.

Detailed information can be found on the Shipping page.

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