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PASTA GIGLI biological ancient grains 500gr

Products with milled organic flour milled in the mill of the company, drawn in bronze and slowly dried and at low temperature. It contains fibers and minerals, more digestible and with a lower glycemic index.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina Senator Hats, soft wheat flour Verna, water at 30%


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PASTA GIGLI biological ancient grains 500gr

Mulino Val d'Orcia before being pasta masters are farmers and that's what makes a difference!

Lilies are made with stone-milled organic flours in the mill, drawn in bronze, slowly dried and at low temperatures.

Lilies, like the other types of pasta in the Mulino Val d'Orcia are a handicraft product, the surface is extremely porous and able to retain the sauces; Simply tasting it with good extra virgin olive oil you can recognize their unmistakable flavor. The pasta has a characteristic amber color.

The Val d'Orcia Mill Mill is produced using valuable varieties of ancient grains grown in a farm with a biological method such as: Granary Sage Senatore Cappelli and Verna Grain which give the product quantities of fibers and minerals larger than industrial products, while maintaining Unchanging the grain's lipid-lipid properties. The obtained paste is more balanced and easier to digest and especially with a lower glycemic index.


:: - ingredients - ::

Durum wheat semolina Senator Cappelli, soft wheat flour Verna, water at 30%

Package :: Pacco
Quantity :: 0,5 Kg
Origin :: 100% Italy
Region of Origin :: Italy - Tuscany - Siena
Variety :: Ancient grain - Senator Cappelli
Certifications :: CCPB
Color :: Amber
Ingredients :: Senatore Cappelli durum wheat, flour Verna wheat, 30% water
Storage :: Cool dry place
Manufacturing Process :: Stone-ground flour, Bronze drawing, slow drying at low temperature
NUTRITIONAL VALUES (for 100 g of product)
Energy [Kcal] :: 348
Fatty [g] :: 1,55
Saturated Fatty Acids [g] :: 0,3
Total Fibers [g] :: 3,48
Salt [g] :: 0,005
Proteins [g] :: 12,2
carbohydrates [g] :: 69,52
of which Sugars 0,2
Gluten :: Included

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