Frantoio Ghiglione

    Frantoio Ghiglione, established in 1920, is situated in Dolcedo, a medieval village, 7 Km off the “Imperia Ovest” motorway exit.

    Our valley is well known for its olive trees and the kind of olive grown here is called “Taggiasca” .

    The extra virgin oil, derived from the special olive, is sweet, delicate and low in acidity.

    Our family firm applies the experience gained by three generation and follows every step of the production: harvesting, pressing (for which we use a special method called “ a freddo” ) , packaging and home delivery.

    Our ultimate aim is to supply a product of high quality.

    You are welcome to come and visit us at any time of the year.

    You will be able to find, besides our famous oil, typical produce of our valley.

    We also produce a fine line of cosmetics including soaps, which have our olive oil as main ingredient.

    Our large gift selection can also be taylor made for requirements.


    Mulino Val d’Orcia was born 10 years ago as a joke from an intuitive idea of Luchino, the family man, who decided to buy the mill and a small mixer.

    Now the mill produces flour and high quality organic pulp obtained from the cultivation of ancient and noble grains such as wheat Verna and durum wheat Senator Hats NOT genetically modified products that have a low glycemic index and low gluten content that may be suitable also personified that need to cure blood sugar and gluten.

    Through the stone grinding the whole grain is ground without deleting anywhere in this way their products contain a larger quantity of bran and wheat germ, the richest parts of nutrients.


    1998 - Some farmers in the territory of Camporeale, in the western part of Sicily, founded the Valdibella Cooperative, dedicated to the production of three organic farming products: the vineyard, almonds and olives.

    Valdibella is a community of farmers who share the same vision: to produce the best in their own territory, to offer the best of their own production and to give the best of themselves to the young in difficulty.

    Valdibella is a unique and sustainable project within which all the resources, both human and natural, find their own realization.


    Le produzioni Via Della Natura sono realizzate in Italia, i saponi sono fabbricati secondo il metodo marsigliese.

    Tutti i prodotti sono dermatologicamente testato su pelli sensibili. Non contengono olio di Palma e sono adatti alla filosofia Vegana.