We are a group of professionals but nothing would define us better than the words "Careful and Informed Consumers", in fact,

we are the first consumers of the products that are in the Bio-Natural.eu catalog.

We have no particular intolerances or allergies but as we are informed consumers we believe that a healthy diet and the use of natural products can be the best investment for our daily well-being; everyone knows that there is a correlation between health and wellness with nutrition and products that we use daily. For health we do not mean not being sick but also the possibility of having more energy to devote to our work, our loved ones, our lives.

This led us to select Italian Producers in line with our philosophy, producers who meet them talk about their products and not profit margins, talk about how much effort they use for the selection of ingredients, not simply stopping at the limits of the law, but seeking ingredients that they would choose for themselves and for their children. The Producers themselves take care of their achievements in all phases of the production process and are always attentive to the comments and opinions of all consumers and always oriented to the quality of their creations.

We at Bio-Natural.eu select only these producers.

The Bio -Natural.eu project, even if not properly structured, unknowingly, had already started many years ago, when we started to be interested in what to eat or what to use every day. Now, together with biologists and computer scientists, we have decided to create a point of reference for Producers, Consumers and Professionals so that they can find in one environment, products and experiences, or information useful to choose the right products for our health and our well-being.

On 1st December 2015 the Bio -Natural.eu portal was officially opened, where the producers in the Food, Personal Care, Make Up, Natural Remedies and Home sectors will be highlighted. The catalog is constantly updated and will be enriched with editorials and articles that will help inform consumers.

We apologize to all the Careful and Informed Consumers in case they do not find what they are looking for, we will be very grateful if you want to report to (info@bio-natural.eu) types of products of particular interest.

Health and wellbeing for everyone with Bio-Natural.eu

Staff Bio-Natural.eu