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1998 - Some farmers in the territory of Camporeale, in the western part of Sicily, founded the Valdibella Cooperative, dedicated to the production of three organic farming products: the vineyard, almonds and olives.

Valdibella is a community of farmers who share the same vision: to produce the best in their own territory, to offer the best of their own production and to give the best of themselves to the young in difficulty.

Valdibella is a unique and sustainable project within which all the resources, both human and natural, find their own realization.

The Valdibella project in six points

::- ethics -::

Co-operative associates are committed to helping young people from the Itaca community to integrate into society. In close contact with a professional working environment and with traders and innovators, these young people today have the opportunity to convey their values ​​and ideas and are encouraged to participate in cooperative activities.

::- economic -::

Organic farming is by no means a nostalgia for a past now accomplished.
In fact, it represents the transmission of a wealth of know-how served to the service of safe economic wealth. And this for the whole society.

::- cultural -::

A story that began in 1600 by the Brothers of the Society of Jesus convinced that faith became novelty in concrete life and driven towards intelligent and innovative constructions. Stagiorne in the season organized an extraordinary efficiency farm by establishing new relationships with peasants, experimenting with cultivation techniques and introducing seed and tree varieties. The Brothers left an imposing Baglio, full of equipment, furnished and refined works of art; A fertile land of which they had discovered the vocation and, in the hearts of men, the desire for happiness and tenacity in pursuit of perfection. This is the ideal heritage and material collected today by the Valdibella Cellule of Camporeale.

::- environmental -::

Valdibella, is the strong decision to turn a backdrop of industrial farming past, although Camporeale has been marginalized by industrial processes that have depleted land and reduced biodiversity. Co-operative Valdibella has regained her land full of promises to observe her, to know her, to listen to her better, to protect her, respect her, and nourish her. Farmers say that the land they are cultivating are really alive from which the natural choice of using biological methods.

::- quality -::

Valdibella has a lot to cultivate native varieties: Olive biancolilla, cerasuola or nocellara del belice, Black Avola, Cataract, Extra Glossy Cataract, Grillo, Perricone ... As far as almonds are concerned, there are more than 90 varieties in the area! Encourages biodiversity and gives nature the most important role in seeking and recreating a perfectly balanced ecosystem; Cultivations are not forced and distorted by the brutal intervention of man; Plants, fruits, vegetables are perfectly balanced, so healthy and nutritious. This is the true quality.

::- participatory -::

Valdibella is another way of thinking and working, their customers share their vision and ideas: ethical, ecological, and social. Customer tips, suggestions and experience are readily understood as an enrichment of human biodiversity.

From Valdibella you do not find the product at the lowest price, but you find a product rich in nutrients and principles for a sustainable well-being.

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