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Mulino Val d’Orcia was born 10 years ago as a joke from an intuitive idea of Luchino, the family man, who decided to buy the mill and a small mixer.

Now the mill produces flour and high quality organic pulp obtained from the cultivation of ancient and noble grains such as wheat Verna and durum wheat Senator Hats NOT genetically modified products that have a low glycemic index and low gluten content that may be suitable also personified that need to cure blood sugar and gluten.

Through the stone grinding the whole grain is ground without deleting anywhere in this way their products contain a larger quantity of bran and wheat germ, the richest parts of nutrients.

Mulino Val d'Orcia - FLOUR MINCED A STONE

The company is the emblem of the short chain of the wheat: organic cereals grown in the Val d'Orcia are ground stone and processed into pasta in our mill in the Tuscan town of Pienza.

To preserve TRADITION are grown VARIETY 'ANCIENT GRAINS fine for the benefit of the flavor and nutritional content, such as wheat VERNA particularly suitable for those suffering from food allergies or variety of wheat SENATOR HATS excellent for the production of the dough with a low glycemic index.

:: - Dream or reality - ::

Imagine a grain of wheat that you've arranged with care, the warmth, 2 or 3 centimeters below the ground around him and millions of other grains.

Imagine you see it sprout, grow and become a tall, golden ear. Now imagine that you pick it up with your hands and bring it to the mill of an ancient castle.

Continue to imagine pouring the grain in the mill and looks just reaped the stones begin to move slowly until the flour slips out from the sieve, as it once was.

Imagine now combine the flour to the water of a mountain spring and observes quest'impasto scroll unhurriedly through bronze die.

Now collect the dough carefully and fix it up to dry slowly and at low temperatures, as tradition dictates.

No need to imagine, this is the reality of the Mill Val d'Orcia! They do just as well and are handed down from generation to generation, the techniques and the most ancient and genuine traditions.

Before being pasta artisans are farmers and it is this that makes the difference because treating the entire production cycle from start to finish!

In the dough, Mill Val D'Orcia there is the whole Italian ground, the Tuscan air, their work and their passion!

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